Take the CUPE health care support worker pledge

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As CUPE prepares to begin negotiations for health support care workers, it is time get involved in your union, for high quality public health care and fair wages and working conditions.


Manitobans count on the provincial government to provide the health care services
we all need. From care homes to hospitals, blood clinics to community clinics, research
facilities to nutritional facilities, we, as support workers, make health care services work.

That is why I am concerned about threats to universal public health care in other provinces:
• Privatization of laundry and food services, for-profit blood services
• Fees for services like MRIs
• Legal challenges to universal health care principles
• Department closures, layoffs, and positions left vacant (vacancy management)
• Hiring freezes and budget cuts.

I want my government to invest in public services and I am concerned that health care in Manitoba could be next for privatization, cuts and rollbacks.

As a CUPE member, I pledge to get involved and be informed.

I will:

  • Spread the word about the importance of public health care, including contacting my provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Stand up for public health care. Go to www.healthcoalition.ca and share my universal public health care story.
  • Read and act on bargaining updates from CUPE.

To take the pledge, contact your CUPE local to find out more, or contact us here.